DOSS DOMINATE is our industry training platform that gives WCR Members specific courses on “How To” dominate your market area. These trainings are specific to Buyers, Sellers, Gaining Market Share, Marketing Yourself Online, and much more…

1. New Agents

New Agents have different problems! DOSS wants to help you increase your chances of success… Attend a DOSS DOMINATE training and come out the blocks winning!

2. Veteran Agents

How Valuable is your Value? It’s easy for Veteran Agents to go through the peaks and valleys of producing. DOSS DOMINATE can help you reevaluate your value proposition so you can experience the success you deserve!


Should you start a TEAM? Is a TEAM right for you? Is your TEAM structured correctly? DOSS DOMINATE trains on these topics so you learn the pros and cons of having a TEAM. And if you have a TEAM, learn how to DOSS DOMINATE with your TEAM!

4. Becoming a ROCKSTAR

Are you an individual REALTOR® that wants to learn how to hit ROCKSTAR status? Becoming a REALTOR® ROCKSTAR is both an art and a science. Learn in our DOSS DOMINATE training how to become a ROCKSTAR in your market.