Smart Leads

Smart Leads

DOSS understands that REALTORS® want quality leads. We leverage cutting edge technology to make our leads smarter so our DOSS Partner Agents can save time and increase their bottom line.

1. Artificial Intelligence

DOSS has partnered with IBM and their Supercomputer Watson to engage Buyers and Sellers through their home buying and selling process.

2. Predictive Analytics

DOSS learns through engagement. As Buyers and Sellers engage DOSS, it learns how to make recommendations based on what they are asking or clicking.

3. Machine Learning

DOSS is designed to get smarter and smarter with each use. As Buyers and Sellers ask questions and do numerous searches, it’s learning and growing.

4. Image Recognition

DOSS scans pictures and what’s in them. Regardless if a REALTOR® tags or explains what’s in a photo, DOSS helps buyers find the perfect home because it knows what’s in the picture.