Safety App

Coming Fall 2018: DOSS will provide an “ALWAYS FREE” Safety app to all REALTORS®. Why? Because it’s the right thing to do. DOSS wants to do our part in being proactive when it comes to REALTOR® Safety.

1. Why we developed it?

DOSS has developed a Safety App to do our part in the real estate industry to help REALTORS® be more proactive when it comes to your safety.

2. Why do you need it?

REALTORS® consider “SAFETY” as one of the top concerns or threats to the real estate industry. Protect yourself at all times.

3. How it works

DOSS created an application that allows you to input up to 5 people in your emergency contact list. If you ever feel threatened, give the screen of your phone two taps and it will instantly alert them and give your GEO Location. In addition to that, every DOSS Partner Agent in the immediate location(zip code) will get the notification that a REALTOR® feels threatened and to call help and/or go to the specific address noted in the alert.