What is DOSS?

DOSS is an Intelligent Personal Assistant for EVERYTHING real estate that empowers users to ask any question about any property in the country to get accurate, easy, and instant answers without fail. DOSS will connect Buyers and Sellers with approved Partner Agents throughout the country to receive our smart leads.

Who can apply for DOSS?

Every active WCR Member throughout the United States.

How does it work?

Apply on this website to receive leads in your zip code. A DOSS Representative will process your application and be in touch with you soon.

Is DOSS for every WCR member in the country?

YES! DOSS was created as a response and solution to the D.A.N.G.E.R.. REPORT that was commissioned by the National Association of REALTORS®. Our objective is to reduce your monthly expenses, increase your revenue, and save you time.


When will DOSS launch?

You can submit your information anytime… DOSS will launch September 2017.

When will I begin to receive leads?

We expect our approved Partner Agents to begin receiving leads within 30 to 45 days after we launch. The amount of leads depends on how active the market is in your area.

Will Doss be available in all 50 states?



Is DOSS a brokerage?

YES! DOSS is a Digital Brokerage.

Why is DOSS a brokerage?

DOSS is a Digital Brokerage that leverages the industry’s best technology to help REALTORS® become BETTER. FASTER. SMARTER. in their local market. As a lead generator and referral partner, it is required that DOSS become a brokerage to participate in the revenue share.


What makes the DOSS CRM different from other CRM's?

It’s FREE for every WCR Member in the country! And, we leverage IBM Watson’s Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Predictive Analytics to help you be more efficient for your clients. In addition, DOSS helps you put your database on autopilot to better help you maximize your contacts for future referrals.

Who qualifies for your CRM?

Every WCR Member in the country.

Is my database protected in your CRM?

YES! Our objective is to help you cultivate your database, better serve your clients, and increase your bottom line. Your client's information is safe.

Is there a limit to the number of people I can put in the CRM?

NO! Please put as many people in the DOSS CRM as possible so we can help you maximize every contact you put into the system.

Is there an approval process for the CRM?

No! You just need an active real estate license.

Can I use my current CRM and DOSS's CRM?

Yes! Our FREE CRM just needs to be used when we refer you leads.

Will I be able to import my contacts into the DOSS CRM?

YES! Our goal is to make this transition as easy as possible.


Where do you get your data from?

DOSS works with the best data providers in the country to get the most accurate information to best serve you and your clients.

Will your property valuation data be more accurate than other sites?

Please know, no site will ever be 100% accurate any time soon. However, DOSS is working with some of the best Developers and Engineers in the country to provide the real estate industry’s most accurate property valuations for Consumers and REALTORS® to make the most educated decision when it comes to one of the biggest financial decisions most people will make in their lifetime.

What other data is DOSS using to make search better and different than what currently exist?

That’s an exciting question! This is one of our “secret sauces” that’s going to delight you and your clients. However, please know that DOSS will evolve how REALTORS® help their clients search for a place to live.


What exactly am I enrolling for?

DOSS is currently enrolling WCR Members to receive leads and/or the use of our free CRM.

What is the approval process?

First, apply as soon as possible on this website. There are limited spots per zip code. Once we process your application, we will follow up with an email to let you know if you were approved for your zip code(s).

How long will it take?

With the anticipated volume of applications, the approval process can take up to 2 weeks.


Is DOSS going to replace REALTORS®?

Not at all. DOSS is an advocate for REALTORS®. Our goal is to help REALTORS® lower their cost, increase their bottom line, and save time.

Will DOSS sell my clients' information?

No! DOSS does not sell information to third party vendors.


How do I qualify for leads as an active WCR Member?

The only requirement for WCR Members to receive leads is to be a Full-Time Practitioner and licensed for three(3) years. There are not minimum closed transaction requirements for WCR Members.

If I don't qualify for leads because I’m not Full-Time and/or licensed for three(3) years, can I use your CRM?

Yes! Please upload your database and let DOSS help you increase your bottom line.

Are there limits to the number of REALTORS® you accept per zip code?

Yes! We will only approve “up to” 10 Buyers Agents, 5 Listing Agents, and 5 Leasing Agents per zip code.

Is there a minimum or maximum amount of leads that I would receive?

No! It all depends on the activity in your local market and how fast you respond to consumers that want to speak with a REALTOR® in your zip code.

Can I apply for leads in more than one zip code?

Yes! You can apply in up to two zip codes.

Can I receive buyer and seller leads?

No. We want REALTORS® that are specialist in their market.

Why does DOSS require a minimum requirement to be approved for leads?

We want to raise the bar by having the best REALTORS® in every zip code throughout the country.

Why are there limits to the number of REALTORS® per zip code?

We want to ensure that all of our DOSS “Partner” Agents are getting an ample amount of leads in each market throughout the country.


How much does it cost?

That’s the best part. It’s free!

What will be the referral fee to DOSS after I close a deal?

Per our Operations Manual, we require an industry standard 25% to 30% referral fee.

Does DOSS charge upfront for leads?



What are the qualifications to become a DOSS Partner Agent?

Only Partner Agents receive leads. We require a WCR Member to be Full Time and have a minimum of 3 years' experience to receive leads.


Is DOSS team friendly?

YES! Sign up and send leads to the members of your team. However, the Team Lead must qualify to receive leads via our requirements.

Can everybody on my TEAM sign up for DOSS individually for leads?

Yes! As long as they qualify.

Can I sign up for leads and give them to my TEAM?

Yes! As long as you qualify.


How will DOSS improve my business?

DOSS will leverage the best technologies to help you stay in front of your clients to better serve them via our CRM, give you leads, other awesome tools, reduce unnecessary technological expenses, increase your sales, and save you time.

How will DOSS save me time?

By leveraging the world’s best technology, we give you insight into your clients' needs. This makes you more efficient and saves everybody time.

How will DOSS reduce my monthly expenses?

The better question is, exactly what tools do you need to make your business more effective, efficient, and profitable? The average REALTOR® throughout the country spends between $250 and $500 a month. At DOSS, our objective is to work closely with the real estate industry to provide cutting edge tools, for free, that will lower your cost and increase your efficiency.