Over 60% of REALTORS® throughout the country don’t have a CRM. However, the ones that do, close 251% more business. DOSS has created an “ALWAYS FREE” CRM to help you better manage your clients and increase your production.

1. Database

Your database is the central nervous system of your business. At DOSS, our objective is to help you grow and nurture your database of contacts. Your data is your data! Our job is to make you look like the professional in front of your family and friends.

2. Love It Board

DOSS understands that the more information you have, the better you are able to satisfy and serve your clients. Our Love It Board is like Pinterest, but for the real estate industry. Know what your database likes, doesn’t like, and love about each property in real-time.

3. Predictive Analytics

DOSS helps you know what your database is doing and when. Every question they ask DOSS and/or every click they make on our website tells a story that will empower you to better serve them.

4. Growth Strategies

DOSS wants to help you grow your database. Every time one of your clients adds a co-worker, family, or friend your database grows. Add to your database and let your database go to work for you…even while you are sleeping!